Getting Auto Window Tint Done Tomorrow

I recently saw a great deal going around on Facebook for an extra 10% off of window tinting. Since I have the extra money right now and have been wanting to get it done, I called a few days ago and made an appointment for tomorrow. I have heard lots of great things about this Austin window tint company even though they just opened. Several people have taken advantage of the deal they are offering now and many have been satisfied. There have been several reviews left on their Facebook page since they opened up their business. I am happy I saw this deal on Facebook and also had the extra money to have it done. I bought this car about 5 months ago and have thought about it, but haven't had the money and when I have had it, I never came across deals like this. I am anxious to see how it will change the look of my car. I'm sure it will look great and can't wait for it to be done. They said it should only take about an hour to do too. Hopefully it doesn't take long to get it done.

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